Wildbud Natives

Superior service, personalized attention

Nestled in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Wildbud Natives emerges as a pioneer in native plant species and ecological landscaping. Specializing in native plantw, the company offers a diverse array of perennials, grasses, trees, and shrubs. Wildbud Natives transcends the traditional boundaries of landscaping by providing comprehensive consulting services, collaborating closely with homeowners, schools, and landowners to craft native-style meadows that embody sustainability and environmental consciousness.

At Wildbud Natives, our company’s seasoned team actively engages with clients, tailoring their expertise to meet specific project needs. By encouraging exploration of their plant material formats, Wildbud Natives fosters an interactive and dynamic approach to landscaping. Choosing Wildbud Natives not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of properties but also fosters a deeper connection between individuals and the environment, contributing to the preservation of native ecosystems in Asheville and beyond.