• Schizachyrium scoparium/Little Bluestem
  • Echinacea pallida/Pale coneflower
  • Corespsis lanceolata/Corespsis
  • Bouteloua curtipendula/Side oats grass
  • Symphyotrichum oblongifolium/Aromatic aster
  • Asclepias incarnata/Swamp milkweed

Wildbud Natives: Superior service, personalized attention

Wildbud Natives is your premier destination for native plants in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in native perennials, grasses, trees, and shrubs. Our mission is rooted in conservation and ecological stewardship, offering a diverse selection of plant material formats to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re beautifying your home garden, enhancing your school grounds, or embarking on a land management project, we’re here to help.

Our expertise extends beyond simply providing native plants. We offer personalized meadow consultations to assist you in creating thriving, biodiverse landscapes. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to assess your site, discuss your goals, and develop a customized plan tailored to your unique environment.

By choosing native plants from Wildbud Natives, you’re not only enhancing the beauty of your surroundings but also supporting local ecosystems and wildlife. Join us in our commitment to preserving the natural heritage of Asheville and beyond. Contact us today to explore our offerings and discover how we can partner with you in your conservation journey.


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