Wildbud Natives

About Us

Wildbud Natives bring conservation ecology to daily human spaces.  We grow native plants that bring functional ecosystems to Human Spaces-the newest frontier: the Anthropocene.  We are a conservation nursery first- meaning that the decisions we make about what to grow and what to plant on our Field Team projects are considered through the lens of Ecology and Conservation first. A meadow is a beautiful planting, and we design and install beautiful plantings for our customers.  We believe strongly that what is beautiful for humans is also functional for the natural world.


We grow native plants for conservation and restoration.  We grow plugs, seed and seed mix, and woody plants for meadows and creekbank repair.  We produce the plants that we plant with few exceptions.  We focus on growing regionally site appropriate plants with local and regional ecotype as much as possible.  We strongly encourage the planting of native grasses and perennials and can select site appropriate plants to recommend to you.  Currently we offer wholesale to the trade, grow plants for our projects, vend at regional plant sales, and sale on our website.  We do offer occasional sale days and sales by appointment at the nursery, but are not open regularly as a retail location.

Why Plugs?

We believe in planting as nature plants- specifically this means planting densely, with few or no open “gaps” or spaces.  Plugs allow us to install plants at high density directly in the ground at a cost-effective rate for our customers.  Planted, a plug will be difficult to differentiate from a potted plant in a few weeks.  Additionally, planting in high volume allows the planting to “move”- natural plant communities are not stagnant, and do not look the same over time.  We attempt to mimic that process- Succession- in our plantings.  Plugs provide the density we need to plant in this way.  Plugs also allow us to install more mature plants than would be installed from direct seeding, so that we can demonstrate quickly what a functional ecosystem can look like in a human space.

 Field Team

The Field Team is the division of Wildbud Natives that completes restoration projects in the field.  Often, this consists of Meadow building, creekbank repair, or other conservation focused plantings.  Our Field Team is prepared to build your meadow from scratch- assessing your lawn or field, preparing, designing, installing, and managing it for long term success.  We also complete invasive plant management, prescribed burns, and other conservation practices on your property.  Contact us for a consultation to see how we can partner together to bring ecology to your human space.

Why Meadows?

Meadows and meadow themed plantings allow us to create ecologically functional ecosystems in a wide range of human spaces.  That means we are able to follow important principles that guide our thinking- installing a wide biodiversity of plants, planting full with no open spaces, planting for function across seasons and years to come, and planting for climate change resiliency.  Meadows also allow us to mimic natural processes and try to follow nature as a guide, as opposed to imposing a specific outcome or design on a place.  Additionally, a meadow is a very quick way to bring broad ecological function to a place- pollinator and wildlife food and habitat, carbon sequestration, reduced input from resource consumption practices like mowing, fertilizing, and irrigating.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, meadows engage people in the unfolding dance of life and living things, and all right in the spaces we occupy every day.